Interesting facts about production of adhesive tapes


How the adhesive tapes are produced? The process is in several steps:

1. Adhesives production:

- Natural rubber, resins and solvent:
It is the traditional composition of tapes adhesives which is particularly versatile. It can be coated on a large number of backings and its different formulation gives the products a wide scale of adhesive characteristics and temperatures application.

- Synthetic rubber and resins:
Formulations used especially in the production of industrial packaging tapes, for high tack products with permanent application and for products withstanding low temperatures.

- Acrylic latexes in water base:
Family of adhesives that withstands ageing, keeping unchanged the tape technical and aesthetic features for long; used for low noise unwinding tapes and in food industry packaging.


2. The coating process:

In the coating phase, a slight adhesive layer is applied to different types of backing wound up in big size coils called jumbo rolls.

Schematically, the coater consists of:

• unwinder of the film coils
• adhesive coating cylinder
• ovens tunnel for the adhesive drying
• coils winder

The application of the different types of adhesive (solvent, acrylic and hot melt) must be done by technically fitted coaters.

The most elaborate coaters are those using solvent base adhesive. The coaters of acrylic adhesives in water base are simpler technically and benefit from productive flexibility, while those using thermoplastic adhesives (hot melt) combine high production yield with economic energy consumption.


3. The slitting and packing:

In the slitting process, finished products ready for sale are realised in sizes suitable for manual or automatic machine usage. The packing operations are carried out in line with the slitters and lathes.

Schematically, the slitter consists of:

• jumbo rolls unwinder
• a set of tension devices and creases stretchers
• cutting system with blades, pressure knives, scissors or lathe
• cores system for rolls winding
• labelling machines
• polyolefin heat-shrinking packer
• box packer
• palletizing system