Fly nets for windows and doors

Fly nets for windows and doors

Product description

The fly nets Magus for windows and doors provides protection from insects while at the same time enabling you to open and close your windows and doors easy. Thanks to self-adhesive tape with hooks (included in set) these insect screens are very easy to  be removed without leaving any residue. You can cut the mesh with scissors to any size desired.

The high-quality mesh can be reused multiple times and is washable up to 30°C and UV-resistant.

Has the following features:

  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • Removable without trace
  • UV-resistant
  • Washable up to 30°C
  • Reusable

Colors: White, Black
Heights: windows: 1.3 m, 1.5 m; doors: 2.2m
Widths: windows: 1.5 m, 1.8 m; doors: 1.4m (2 x 0.75m)