Masking tape 80°

CAR-Masking tape with natural rubber 80°

Product description

Saturated semi-crepe masking tape with natural rubber based adhesive, pressure sensitive. Available in yellow color. Specific for industrial purposes, for building industry use and for general purposes. Very for painting cars. To be used at average temperatures – up to 80°C.


  • High conformability
  • Compatible with solvent and water paint
  • Easy tear
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Instant adhesion, sticks to a wide range of surfaces
  • Solvent and thinner resistant
  • No adhesive transfer


  • Easy application on curved profiles and irregular surfaces
  • Clean and precise removal
  • Practical use without waste
  • Does not unstick during use
  • No cleaning activities after use


TECHNICAL FEATURES of Car-masking tape M80 with natural rubber 80° C

Backing: Paper, weith 94g/m2
Adhesive: Natural rubber
Total thickness: 125 µm
Adhesion on steel: 28 N/cm
Tensile strength: 36 N/cm
Elongation at break: 8 %
Color: yellow
Temperature use range: up to 80° C
Tape lengths: 45 m
Tape width: 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm