Double sided tape

Double Sided foam tape MagusDouble sided Polyurethane foam tape

Product description

Double Sided Polyurethane Foam Tape is conformable for bonding to various types of surfaces for mounting, joining and holding. For general purpose.

Has the following features:

  • High strength and deformation-resistance
  • Excellent self-adhesive performance
  • Simple and easy to be applied
  • Long lasting adhesion

TECHNICAL FEATURES of Double sided Polyurethane foam tape Magus:

Backing: Polyurethane Foam
Adhesive: Synthetic rubber and resins
Total thickness: 1.5 mm
Adhesion on steel: 9,0 N/cm
Tensile strength: 36 N/cm
Elongation at break: 50 %
Color: White
Tape lengths: 1.5 m, 5 m
Tape width: 19 mm, 25 mm