Glassfibre tape

Glassfibre Tape  MagusGlassfibre self-adhesive tape

Product description

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape is mainly used in repairing the crack and joints or holes of drywall, plasterboard, stucco; and repairing other damages in other wall surface.



Our quality self-adhesive fiber glass tape is made of coated fiberglass mesh fabrics and has the following features:

  • Good performance of alkaline-resistance
  • High tensile strength and deformation-resistance
  • Excellent self-adhesive performance
  • Simple and easy to be applied



TECHNICAL FEATURES of Glassfibre tape

Fiberglass mesh size: 2.85 x 2.85mm (9 x 9 mesh)
Tape lengths: 10 m, 20 m, 45 m, 90 m, 153 m
Tape width: 48 mm